Wine Storage Tips
All wines mature fairly quickly in a typical
household (68-72 degrees F, frequent changes in
sunlight and humidity), and shouldn't really be
kept more than five or six months in these

Beyond six months (sometimes sooner, if there
were very hot days inside), most wines will begin
to deteriorate. Finer (i.e. expensive) wines that
require aging need to be kept in a place that is
constantly cool (50-60 degrees F), dark, damp
and without excessive vibration. For most people,
this is the cellar, for others, it is an artificial
"cellar"such as you find in many stores today.

Do not store wines in your refrigerator for an
extended length of time, although it's a constantly
cool temperature, there is little humidity, so your
corks will shrink and the wine will spoil.
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